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Your Health Highway is a Premium “Electronic Personal eHealth Record” System that has been Researched and Developed by Doctors for Doctors and other Health Care Providers.

A Simple System Supporting Superior Health Care Without Burdening You with Complicated, Onerous and Costly Processes, Red-Tape or Bureaucracy.

The Your Health Highway System provides a secure repository for your patients’ health information, so your patients have greater safety in the health system.

This FREE OF CHARGE system is available to you, with the authorisation from your Patient. It is an uncomplicated easy-to-use outsourced system that centralises patients’ important healthcare information, so you can deliver better health outcomes, faster.

You are eligible to become a “Medical Subscriber” if you are registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) AND when your patient authorises your access. When you have been granted access, Your Health Highway makes it easy for you and will contact you to initiate the process and setup the system.

This FREE “Medically-Managed, Client-Controlled, Web-Accessible” secure system gives you easy and fast access to your patients’ full medical and health history, anytime anywhere.

Your Health Highway is a secure environment and is managed by our Health Information Officer (HIO) - a nurse, and our Medical Supervisor - a Doctor, and it’s these people who will be responsible for coordinating, gathering and uploading a health record for each client that subscribes. This will help your patient have controlled access to their health record, anywhere, anytime.

This Premium Medically Managed Convenient Service ensures that information is provided and stored in a medically usable form. You can expect more accurate and complete records due to the system being managed and overseen by trained, experienced medical professionals, including “double-checking” via client verification of all content. Your Health Highway provides extra security because the record is unable to be modified except by the HIO using information provided by, or on behalf of the subscriber who owns and controls the record.

An added bonus is that you can establish your own ‘Practice’ list of your own clients in Your Health Highway when those clients have authorised your access.

As a Medical Subscriber, Your Health Highway helps to -

  • Make your life simpler and easier, with less pressure and stress so you can focus on your patients’ health outcomes
  • Reduce the frustration that arises from unavailability of comprehensive patient information to make accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.
  • Take the pressure off you and your team to chase down and gather additional patient information to create a complete record
  • Save you time by removing the extra work caused by increasing demands from patients to know their health information - they’ll have access automatically should they choose
  • Help you sleep more easily and worry less by reducing your risk of litigation
  • Minimise the effort to achieve patient health outcomes, freeing up your time, so you can have more time off
  • Offer a reliable, convenient, secure, globally accessible system that puts the Your Health Highway subscriber in the “driver’s seat” in owning, supervising and managing their own account. This means, at the discretion of the subscriber, you are likely to gain access to information from other Health Care Providers which could help provide a more comprehensive analyses of the health issue and assist in a better informed diagnosis
  • To reduce outside interference, red-tape and bureaucracy and make it simple and easy to use
  • At all times to act professionally and in accordance with confidentiality and privacy requirements of the Health Care Profession
  • Provide a personal contact and support via Your Health Highway’s Health Information Officer, who is responsible to the client for maintaining their record
  • Manage the system and do the work for you

Your Health Highway WILL NOT -

  • Add pressure to your already stretched capacity and budgets
  • Charge Health Care Providers for using the service
  • Burden you with complicated, onerous and costly processes, red-tape or bureaucracy

Peace of Mind for You and Your Patients No Matter Where a Health Situation Arises

With an increasing need for good Chronic Disease Management a comprehensive electronic patient health information management system is a must.

In this digital era, clients are more informed than ever before. They are more transient and more likely to attend multiple Health Care Providers. And they expect and demand access to their personal health information, automatically assuming these would be available electronically.

People are travelling more, moving house, states and even countries more frequently and now more than ever, the ability to access accurate comprehensive electronic health records to prevent clients suffering harm, which could be prevented, is a must.

For more information on how you can activate this valuable service with your patients, so you and your patients can benefit, click here.

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