The Easiest and Safest Way to be Prepared, with All Your Health History Details at Your Finger Tips, Whenever You Need It, No Matter Where You Are in the World

It seems incredible that in this day and age with such advanced technology that 1000s of people, just like you are disadvantaged, inconvenienced and put at risk, everyday because of the lack of accessible reliable and comprehensive medical and health care records.

And now more than ever, with -

  • The growing elderly population requiring care
  • People travelling more - whether it’s for work, or holidays
  • People more transient and moving more frequently - between suburbs, interstate and even overseas
  • More fly in fly out workers
  • Chronic diseases on the rise
  • People using multiple Health Care Providers

- a workable, easy-to-use effective system for storing and managing information from a range of Health Care Providers (including Doctors, Nurses and Midwives, Dentists, Chiropractors, Optometrists, Osteopaths, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and Psychologists) has never been needed more. Your Health Highway keeping you safer in the health system.

It is in fact paramount to preventing you and the people you care about - whether family, employees, or people under your care - from suffering harm, complications and inconvenience in health situations that arise when you’re not in your usual environment.


Centralised Password Protected eHealth Record Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Your Health Highway is simply a secure, conveniently accessible, easy-to-use repository for your health information and is absolutely essential if you want peace of mind that you and your family will have access to your health information in any medical or health situation or emergency, anywhere in the world.

Doctor and Practising Cardiologist Tony Mylius says “Many patients die, or are harmed by, the health care they receive. Frequently this could be avoided by doctors and nurses having access to the patient’s current health information - at the time and place where treatment is being provided.”

And for once you’ll be in the “driver’s seat”! You will have complete control over which of your Health Care Providers you give access to. You will also be able to choose whether to share information between health care providers or not, too.


Secure, Safe and Private - You stay in control of your personal information

Your Medically Managed, Personally Controlled electronic health record will contain basic information and family history, details of health issues and risks, treatment plans and management, whether you have allergies or adverse reactions, if you’ve ceased medications, procedures and investigations and other general correspondence.

Now, if you’re starting to get concerned about the effort this will take, don’t! You won’t need to do much at all. And you won’t need special knowledge or skills to manage your profile and information either. Your Health Highway makes it easy by gathering, uploading and maintaining your records for you, in a medically usable fashion.

Medical and Health Care Providers (HCP) are constantly being put in the difficult position of making diagnosis and treatment plans without adequate or complete information. With the increasing demands on their time, and the pressure of increasing workloads, red tape and bureaucracy than ever before HCP are not able to give you the premium health care that they desire. Your Health Highway provides the means to change all this, so that your precious limited time spent with your HCP is not wasted explaining and repeating your health history that should be automatically available.

This means any Health Care Provider, you authorise, will have access to your full health history to give you the best possible care, whether your usual provider or not. And in the event of a life threatening emergency where you’re incapacitated, Your Health Highway’s Medical Supervisor and Health Information Officer can provide emergency access to your records.

For a small annual fee, you will have complete assurance and peace of mind that you and the people you care about, will have your health information available in order to avoid medical errors and get the best diagnosis and treatment in any situation, whether conscious or unconscious and without having to remember and retell every specific detail.


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